Personalised Coloured Mug

Give the perfect gift of a personalised coloured mug to celebrate an event or occasion or just to say thank you to that special someone.

You choose the colour, the image and the name and message to go on the mug. I do the editing and show you a computerised idea of what the finished mug will look like before I send your chosen design off to the printers. You will have created a UNIQUE gift.

10 colours to choose from:



Dark Blue




Light Blue


Light Green


Quality unique mugs

The same colour appears on the inside and the handle of the mug.

Top quality coloured mugs with photos taken by JBL celebrating the best of The Countryside.

They are microwave and dishwasher safe but I would wash them by hand with a mild detergent and with NO BLEACH to keep the photos bright.

Each mug is 3.75inches (9.4cm) tall and holds 330ml (11oz). {Holds a regular can of coke}

Choose your text . (I can prepare any words message you wish)

Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

1981 was a very special year

35 or 63 or any age

Congratulations on passing your exam or driving test or getting your new job etc etc

Thank you for being you,

for being a good friend, for all your help

How to Order

Message me on here or email me at to let me know what you require. Please include a telephone number so that I can contact you if needed. I need the colour, the message/name you would like printing on the mug and the photo you would like to be used. Choose photos from this website or from Dont forget to leave your name, address and number.

What happens next:

As soon as I have your design requirements I will prepare your mug for printing and will let you see a computer generated design of the finished article so that you can check to see that it matches your requirements.

As soon as I have a big enough order to send to the printers I will ask for your payment. Please think in advance as although I can send off individual orders, I can reduce the price with a bulk order.


When I have your order I will send you a link to pay by PayPal. If you wish to pay by another method please let me know. Once payment is received I will send your print job off to the printers at the next available order batch.

Birthday Mugs Remember you can choose any words that will suit the recipient

Happy Birthday (to- from)

Happy Birthday -AGE

Happy Birthday-YEAR of birth

HOW TO ORDER your personalised mug.

Please email and let me know the name of the mug, the wording you would like and the colour you require. I will prepare a computer generated image for you to check that it meets your requirements.

You don’t pay for the mug until I am ready to send off the order. I will explain how to pay when you contact me. You can pay by PayPal or if you would rather pay by another means please just ask.

Mugs are £25 each.