The Robin

Scientific name is Erithacus rubecula

Robins are widely spread throughout the UK and can be found in hedgerows, woodland, parks and gardens. Characterised by its bright red breast it is common throughout the year. Juveniles don’t have a red breast-they are spotted with golden brown plumage. Robins are very territorial and will aggressively drive away any intruders.

The Red Squirrel

The Red Squirrel

Scientific name  Sciurus vulgaris , the red squirrel is one of our favourite mammals but numbers are declining fast and it is now classified as an endangered species. It is found in coniferous forest and mixed woodland. The grey squirrel is mostly to blame for the reduction in numbers of the reds because the greys carry the ‘squirrel pox virus’ which is deadly to the reds. The greys are bigger animals and also compete with the reds for food and nesting sites. 

Red Deer

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